Ummmm, I don't think anyone has mentioned this and I really hope that someone corrects it soon because it is driving me completely nuts, but...

in the original article they say that she is from the village of Rasoolabad, but that is actually a town in Pakistan and the Indian village is more commonly spelled in English… » 3/13/15 3:43pm 3/13/15 3:43pm

I guess it sucks for a complete fucking moron like you who wants to read an article uncomplicated enough for you to understand, but Jezebel put the article's headline and first graf on the front page. If your cloddish mind couldn't understand it, you should move on, not go cry on the comment section whining about… » 3/07/15 9:32am 3/07/15 9:32am

This one time, I was at a bar trying to get by someone and they wouldn't move and I got a bit huffy and tapped them on the shoulder and said, "Ahem! You make a better obstacle blocking my way than a lack of obstacle!" and they turned around and I realised that they had no arms, legs, eyes, or ears and were wearing a… » 3/07/15 8:54am 3/07/15 8:54am