I really want these actors to stay strong. Even if the network offers exactly what they are asking for - even if they offer far more - refuse to return. Stand up for every little guy out there who wants a fair deal from their employer and fucking garbage sitcoms to die in a fucking fire. » 7/31/14 6:33pm Today 6:33pm

Thanks, awesome post. I've been trying to couch criticisms I have of the current situation under the term "Israeli regime" or specifically Likud to try and make the distinction between it and either all of Israel or all Jewish people, but if folks are going to disagree with me, they take absolutely no notice of that… » 7/31/14 1:51pm Today 1:51pm

There is a metaphysical theory that suggests that one's last thought before death is stretched out to infinity from the perspective of the dying consciousness.

"Fucking TOLD you, asshole!" is such a satisfying thought in the moment that this poor woman has probably constructed her own heaven around it. » 7/26/14 5:21pm Saturday 5:21pm